Bridget Kearney Alec Spiegelman Billy Beard Mark Shilansky Rebecca Pronsky Aubrey Johnson Mark Zaleski Kevin Barry Joe Stewart Laura Grill Mike Calabrese Glenn Dickson Richard Gates Jimmy Mazzy Charlie Strater Ross Petot Tara Greenblatt Jerome Deupree Sami Stevens Oen Kennedy John Gilbert


Collaboration:   John Gilbert and Oen Kennedy, each providing a vision of what can be, and how to get there.

Encouragement:   Cindy, understanding and support.  Joe Stewart, musician, sound engineer, and friend.  Andrew Mazzone, enthusiastic motivator of many in many endeavors, and friend. Dave Bickman, musician, music lover/listener, and friend.

Participation:   Endless thanks to all the musicians detailed herein that made it all happen.  Please read their bios, visit their websites, and make them a part of your listening habit.