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Somerbridge Contemporary Ensemble

All the great musicians who have helped make Oen John recordings so musical are here.  Click at the left for individual details.

The Collaboration

Oen is a musician and believes in key and time.  John is a music aficionado, and doesn't believe in key or time, but grudgingly, accepts that they are sometimes useful.

On this site, you will find songs in several styles and on varying subjects.  They are written either in whole, or part, by John.  All are a collaboration between John and Oen.  All that was lacking, or missing, in a song was written by Oen.  Many songs are driven purely by Oen's music.

Many hands have come to together to build these songs, brick by brick. Please, enjoy the results and share with others.

In these songs, if you hear the words, "train" or "hurricane", then you have fallen asleep and are dreaming.